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Like you, leadership expert and professional speaker Billy Arcement, has seen many forms of leadership. Is it political savvy? Is it discipline or risk taking? Is it learned or a genetic code? Is it only reserved for a select few? Is it better suited for the ambitious? Is it being able to persuade others?

For over 30 years he held senior corporate leadership positions. These experiences help him look at leadership through his unique “leadership lens.” Billy views leadership as needing to focus on service to others. It’s not about YOU but the people you serve. He sees leadership as an earned title, not one to imparting fear in others or demanding respect for the position. Leadership is a privilege and an obligation. It’s caring, teaching and developing the best a person has to offer.

Billy is often referred to by clients as a Leader’s Leader. He possesses abilities to grasp what’s happening and to apply solutions. He is most noted for his insights to improve performance and grow teamwork. His training sessions are rich in content, humor and filled with challenging ideas. He knows how to make the “people connection” with integrity, deep caring and a sincere desire to help. And, his clients appreciate the customized conversations and attention to detail he provides.

He served 12 years on his local school board. His statewide peers elected him as State President of the Louisiana School Boards Association. He is especially recognized for his in-depth understanding of school board responsibilities. And, for the past 25 years, he has shared his “Children First” philosophy with school board members across America.

He is the author of the internationally published book, Searching for Success. He co-authored, Journeying on Holy Ground, a book about setting life’s priorities. His newest book, Leading Yourself, Leading Others is due out by the end of 2016. The American Business Journal On-line publication distributes his leadership column to thousands each month.

Corporate clients include Stone Energy, Entercom Entertainment, Louisiana Cat, Douglas Publications and Five Guys Restaurants. The Missouri Emergency Preparedness Association, HUD, USDA profited from his governmental leadership strategies. The National School Boards Association and many state associations say he is one of the best on school board service.

He earned a Master’s of Education degree with a focus on administration and supervision. He is a charter member (30 yrs.) of the National Speakers Association New Orleans chapter. His chapter recognized his contributions to chapter leadership by naming its most prestige’s service award in his honor. He is also 36 year member of the National Speakers Association. Billy has lead corporate responsibilities for product quality and ISO 9002. He managed environmental and safety regulatory compliance. He also had oversight of his company’s global customer/technical service activities.

Billy’s life contains a long list of leadership accomplishments. This translates to presentations that are not theory but the truth as he sees and lives each day. He is a leadership expert. He is a Leader’s Leader.

With Billy’s programs, you get a great mix of humor, wisdom and company specific information.
Roldon Owens, Diamond B Construction Co., Alexandria, LA
In my 25 years of federal service, I have never been more motivated to do what I really want most to do. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to change my life.
Participant: Federal Employee Conference, New Orleans, LA
You helped our members get a better focus on their business strategies while making the two hours together a fun afternoon. I was also impressed with the depth of information in your handout. And, oh yes, your funny ‘Boudreaux’ stories were a hit with everyone. Mark Beilman, Ex. Dir. Reprographic Services Association, Columbia, SC

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