Meeting planners appreciate the partnership Leadership Expert and Business Consultant Billy Arcement, M.Ed.—The Candid Cajun, provides his clients. He subscribes to NSA’s Code of Professional Ethics to establish and maintain confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability, and integrity he brings to your organization. He understands very well what it takes to deliver a strong, powerful, results-producing event or integrate a consultation into an organizational process with the best possible chance of success. His goal is to partner with you to create your desired outcome.

Billy promises a lot and delivers a little more (Cajun Lagniappe) including his risk-free guarantee to achieve agreed upon expectations or only expenses are due.

The following items are part of Billy’s meeting planner pre-program materials:

Billy’s One-Sheet Brochure: A full color brochure to learn a little more about Billy in a snapshot. Perfect for review by your decision making team.

Pre-Program Preparation: Billy can:

  • Provide an article for your newsletter or website.
  • Meet with the media to promote your meeting.
  • Attend socials and/or dinners to mix and mingle with attendees
  • Stay over after the event to sign books and meet attendees.

Meeting Arrangements:

  • Cordless lavaliere microphone preferred but will work with your system.
  • No lectern. Billy moves about the stage and audience. For large crowds, please provide a raised platform so everyone can see him during the presentation.
  • An LCD projector and appropriate size screen when PowerPoint slides are used. A computer can be supplied, or Billy will bring his own.
  • People positioned behind Billy during a presentation are asked to move to seats in the audience prior to his introduction.
  • Please provide a small table to the side of the stage for Billy’s materials.

Billy’s Photographs: Very often, Billy’s clients will require his professional photographs for publication or event materials – he’s put them all in one place for you!

Introduction: Billy provides a “customized introduction” for your group which is emailed a few days prior to the meeting date.

Conference Promotional Material: Provided for your conference brochures and any promotional piece for attendees and media needs.

Letter of Agreement: Completed once all the meeting details have been agreed upon.

Video / Audio Recordings: Please discuss any audio and/or video arrangements with Billy. This is not part of his standard agreement.

Handouts: Handled in one of three ways: (1) Direct bill for cost. (2) Digital PDF Master provided and client duplicates. (3) Post on your website for attendee download.

Products: Providing copies of one of Billy’s books or other products for each participant (invoiced to you) or making provisions for Billy to personalize books for participants who wish to make a purchase.

Travel and Accommodations

  • Billy will make his own travel arrangements. Flights are booked in coach at the lowest non-refundable fare available from either Baton Rouge or New Orleans, LA.
  • Hotel room is confirmed by the client, guaranteed for late arrival and billed to the organization.
  • Please inform Billy if someone will pick him up and return him to the airport or if he needs to secure a shuttle, cab or rental car.
  • Meals and tips will handled by Billy directly. These are never billed to a client.

Fees and Travel Costs

Details regarding how to handle these costs are in the “Letter of Agreement” Billy provides once the booking has been confirmed. Billy expects full fee payment upon completion of his presentation and an upfront payment of anticipated travel costs. Many clients prefer an inclusive travel estimate as part the agreement in lieu of a separate invoice for actual costs. Just ask and this arrangement will be made. It’s all part of making it an easy task to work with Billy.

Book Billy for Your Program Now

If you’re ready to empower your team, take to the cutting edge and give your next audience the tools, strategies and mindsets necessary to better compete, excel, and lead a better life.

Speak directly with Billy by calling 225-572-2804 to check his availability for an event at a location of your choice (in-person) or for a virtual event. You can also email .

Sometimes a Speaker Cancels...

If you need help with a Presentation, call me!

If there is a fit, I’ll be happy to help. If not, I’ll work with you to find another speaker.

Virtual Presentations

You want your next virtual audience to experience the same inspiration and engagement from one of Billy’s live presentations? He can provide this experience for your team delivered via Zoom. Billy blends his stories and Cajun insights into every virtual event.