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A successful enterprise requires partnering with others. This is the position Billy takes when he is hired to work with your team. His objective is to serve, create solutions, and lower the risk caused by uncertainties facing your team. Today’s workplace is different. It presents new challenges and requires a new approach to leading. 

The new generational environment requires engaging employees with effective communication and personal responsibility strategies. It requires the development of strong inter-personal skills. Leaders must move employees to action. Critical to this process is establishing your desired culture, a respectful work environment, and relationship building with co-workers and customers. This is The Candid Cajun’s—Business Trifecta. Instituting this type of workplace creates consistency, cooperation, clients and cash!

His caring candor, teaching and assimilation skills, years of corporate leadership, and his many seasons speaking to and sharing insights with clients, make having the Candid Cajun as your partner a winning decision.

Billy’s # 1 rule of leadership to never forget is---People will function at the lowest tolerance level of their leader. Overcoming this natural tendency of people will raise performance and is a critical component of a productive workplace environment. Proper development and growth of employees increases profits and productivity. Properly implemented, your organization and your team will prosper.

Whether you want a keynote, training session, or consulting project, the right partnership is with a speaker and consultant that possesses the skills and strategies to get the job done. The Candid Cajun, Leadership Strategist will never let you down---guaranteed

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Billy Delivers Cajun Candor Leadership Skills

Improving performance requires honesty to be your best policy! Effective leaders are candid in assessing performance yet deliver it in a caring manner that inspires followers. They can grow their leadership team by using the three strategies in Billy’s newest book, Creating a Climate of Respect and Relationship Building in Today’s Workplace Culture. Some examples in each area are:


Work/Life Balance

Employee Satisfaction
Engage Employees

Manners in the Workplace
Respectful Leader

Constructive Criticism

Respectful Mindset


Management Training

Employee Training
Organizational Support

Managing Change

Workplace Attitudes

Creating Satisfied Employees


Vision / Values / Mission
Maximize Technology

Match Talents with Job
Continuous Learning

Organizational Politics
Lagging Performance

Workplace Anxiety
Service / Transparent Focus

Remove Clutter
The Right Conversations

What Billy Offers

Billy ArcementThe Candid Cajun, provides ready-to-implement solutions, not obsolete theories. This “Wise Cajun” identifies barriers and provides pathways to remove them from your workplace. Use his Respectful Approach, Relationship Building Mindset, and Culture Focused Conversations to renew confidence in organizational leadership. Use his leadership trifecta approach to create springboards and positive change using one of the many options he offers.

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In-Person Training

Conference Keynotes and break-out sessions

In-house group training

One-on-one Executive Coaching

Small group consulting sessions

Virtual Training

Zoom calls and group training (Webinars) for your management team.

Zoom training for non-management employees.

Consulting Services


School Boards


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“If you want a canned speech – don’t hire Billy. If you want a presentation that will speak to and engage your session attendees, Billy is great!  Billy is a down-to-earth presenter who provides much more value than a typical speaker – he is an educator who makes you think. Before our conference, Billy spent more time and energy getting to know the relevant issues of our attendees than any other presenter that I have encountered in the past. The results of his planning efforts were an extremely engaged and satisfied audience – and a happy conference coordinator.”

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