The foundation for programs delivered under this category has its genesis in the Family Section of Billy’s Book, The Journey. The information is also part of a seven-year newsletter distribution on Parenting Billy provided to subscribers throughout the United States. Acknowledged as a sound, value-based approach to raising children by teachers, parents, and clergy, here are four examples of potential sessions:

  • Seven Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Parenting
  • Peer Proofing—Becoming Aware of Your Children’s Friends
  • Drug Addition—The Potential Ruination of Two Generations
  • Are You Ready for Parenting?

Billy is currently in the final stages of his newest book, Teaching Your Child to Succeed—Strategies for Creating Parental Leadership in the Home, which will be available in the last quarter of 2023. If your school district, church group, or a group of parents want to learn important parental leadership messages. please call me at 225-572-2804 or email me at This is a no-obligation call free of pressure to purchase but guaranteed to provide insights that will elevate the effectiveness of your parenting strategies.