Leadership Expert Billy Arcement Provides Candid Conversations for Educators

Calling all School Board Members—"it’s always about children!"

Expertise that counts: Billy has presented at several National School Board Association (NSBA) Conventions. He also conducted programs for the NSBA President’s Retreat. State Association Conventions have used his services. Leadership Speaker Billy Arcement has been motivating, empowering, and teaching the critical skills necessary for success to school board members for over three decades. He has also authored a number of articles in The American School Board Journal and several state association publications.

He uses his 12 years of board service as the foundation for his programs. His two years serving as State President of the  Louisiana School Boards Association provides a solid leadership framework. Billy is the creator of his “Children First” philosophy. He believes, it’s always about children, never about politics!

Board Retreats:

Creating the Ultimate School Board This session is not for the faint-of-heart. Candid Conversations permeate these sessions. Prior to facilitating retreats, Billy will do extensive research on your board with pre-program surveys. The research creates Powerful content that will:

  • Help members avoid the pitfall of “board politics
  • Build board unity and teamwork
  • Grow leadership skills
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Build a stronger, more productive and cohesive board.
  • Bring visionary thinking to the forefront
  • Show the board how to build a professional relationship between board members and the superintendent
  • Resolving Conflicts

Conferences / Workshops:

Billy provides entertaining and informative conference keynotes. His conference “lagniappe” includes adding customized concurrent sessions. Ask about topics available. Billy brings visionary thinking to the forefront. He shows boards how to build a professional relationship between themselves, the superintendent, parents, and taxpayers.

“Just a quick expression of appreciation for the talent and passion that you brought to the task of mending the Board/superintendent relationship in Lafourche. I think that hiring you was a proactive way to address a problem, good in and of itself, and that hopefully your ideas will sink slowly into the minds of both the Board and the superintendent. Thanks mostly for your professionalism. I am optimistic about our potential and thank you again for all that you brought to this task.”

- Melanie Boulet, Board Member,
Lafourche Parish School Board, Thibodaux, LA


“Billy was absolutely awesome. I feel he was the best presenter at the conference. If you missed Billy, you missed a chance to change your life. He changed mine.”

- Jeff Roberts,
South Spencer School Board, NSBA Convention


“Thank you for your time and effort for the Durham Public School Board. Your genuineness and true caring are what really set you apart from other workshop leaders.”

- Sue Behringer,
Durham, NC School Board

School District Administrators

Billy is a former classroom teacher and high school coach. His school board member service, the many years as a senior corporate manager, and his in-depth research and writing and teaching leadership strategies add to the credibility of messages. Combining these, Billy can provide leadership insights from both an education and business prospective.

He shares real-world leadership skills, not pie-in-the-sky theories. Detailed handouts provide a template for positive change. His sessions make both a personal and professional impact. Billy delivers with his down-to-earth approach to learning. Creative visuals and interactive exercises reinforce the message. The stories of the most famous Cajuns in the world, Boudreaux and their friends, bring laugh out loud fun.

“I really needed this. I felt you were talking directly to me at a most difficult time in my life.”

- Anonymous Louisiana School Administrator

School District Teachers and Support Personnel

Not Just the Top: As a Leadership Speaker and expert, Billy shares that leadership doesn’t stop at the top. Teachers are the group that work “where the rubber meets the road.” They are responsible for enlightening, educating, and energizing students to absorb the information shared in the classroom. Let him enlighten, educate, and energize your teachers as well. Call him to discuss your needs.

Support Personnel: Cafeteria staff and custodians play key roles in our educational systems. In their own way, each helps the system excel; each has leadership roles and responsibilities. His workshops offer life-changing and career-boosting tips, tools, and mindsets for success. Contact him for information on programs available to this group of employees.

Parents and Students: On occasion, Billy will speak to parents and/or students. There is a limited scope of programs available. If interested, let’s talk about possibilities.

“I’m positive Mr. Arcement’s light-hearted, but purpose-driven presentation has influenced my routines, goal-setting, and enthusiasm greatly. I am determined to seek the Lord for direction with my goals and will use Mr. Arcement’s strategies to reach them.”

- Angie Farhuhar, Special Ed / Vocational Teacher

More Virtual Offerings

Virtual training is also available for school boards, teacher groups, or support personnel. ZOOM Conferences can make it happen. Call to explore options.