1. You want a culture of self-motivation and high morale. It’s all about solutions, not theories. It’s about creating access to actionable skills that lead to long-lasting results that enhance performance, increase employee engagement and retention.

“In my 25 years of federal service, I have never been more motivated to do ‘what I really want most’ to do. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to change my life.”

- Ron Andrus
Federal Employee, New Orleans Conference

  1. You know the value of honest, straightforward conversation and caring candor. Using this approach guarantees the right message gets delivered with no misconception of its meaning. The “Truth Machine” is turned on. It’s Cajun Candor working for you.


“Very precise and to the point—fearless in showing the truth—making attendees look into themselves challenging excellence.”

- Darlene Adams,
Entercom Entertainment

  1. You want performance improvement by turning obstacles into opportunities. Billy puts the “barrier busting” approach in full play to enhance personal and organizational success. Participants are challenged to look introspectively at their performance and commit to adapting new ways of thinking and leading.


“Billy’s presentation opened my eyes to areas where I was lacking in my professional development and refocused my goals.”

- Andrea Albert,
Executive Women International

  1. You want an outcome focused message that is relevant and produces results. Billy delivers benefits and transformation by studying his audience needs, by designing and delivering solution focused “how to” strategies.

“When I was seeking a keynote speaker, I wanted someone who not only had an inspirational and motivational message, but one who could add some Louisiana flavor to the program. Not only did you help me meet those goals, you surpassed all my expectations with your wit, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth practical measures that all my participants could put into practice.”

- Mike Loyd, President
Association of College and University Printers.

  1. You want a customized presentation unique to your audience and the specific needs and desired outcomes. Every presentation is unique and not retrieved from a “can.” Customization to your specific needs and desired outcomes is the norm. It’s a one-of-a-kind message. And, his special touch of Cajun humor provides just the right bit of laughter to enhance the learning and inspire engagement.

“Our membership has a diverse mix  We often have a difficult time finding speakers that can appeal to such a broad group. Your presentation allowed everyone to come away with a ‘nugget’ to carry with them.”

- Delisa Arnold
Baton Rouge Chapter, International Facility Managers Association

  1. You want the easiest, the best and the safest choice for your group. Billy works hard to be the most collaborative choice and the most “on point” and relevant for your audience. He is easy to work with and brings suggestions to make your meeting better. Your participants receive the benefit of a distinctive, experienced presenter with a keen sense of awareness. He focuses the message on the audience. It’s always about YOU, never about him!

“It was an inspiration to listen to Mr. Arcement. He gave me the “shove” I needed to get things done and DO IT NOW!”

- Gayle Catlett, Blue Cross

  1. You want a guarantee of the delivery. Each presentation carries a 100% guarantee of complete satisfaction. It’s service for you, not self-serving behavior. It’s about being the most accommodating speaker you’ve ever hired. It’s about delivering on the promised outcomes.

“Your genuineness and true caring are what really set up apart from other workshop leaders”

- Sue Behringer, President
Durham, NC School Board

  1. You want varied and proven experience. The combination of years of experience on the platform, in corporate management and his keen “Cajun Wisdom” for leading others, makes his strategic work sessions (training) interesting, insightful and ideally suited for your participants.

“The ideas came fast and furious. I felt like I was standing under a waterfall with a cup.”

- Richard Olinde, DDS