The Lingering Societal Issue—FEAR!

By Billy Arcement—The Candid Cajun

Copyright 2022


Covid fears are lingering and perhaps never going away for many employees. Is the fear legitimate and a real concern that needs to exist? For those fearful, it’s real. For the doubters? There is an indifference and a strong desire to return to the pre-pandemic environment. What’s the right approach? Let’s explore some ideas.

We humans have expressed our desire to be “frightened” by the popularity of scary movies. Since 1996, five “Scream” movies have been made. I remember as a young child of about eight gathering with friends and roaming throughout our small community on Mardi Gras day. There was always an adult that would dress up and “chase” us, somehow always being slower that the slowest of the group. It was exciting to be scared and motivating that we were faster than the Mardi Gras Monster that chased us.

But, with Covid, it’s different. It’s a dangerous disease and we should respect that danger. It appears to be most dangerous for the elderly and the obese. Elected officials however have been emboldened by this virus seemingly wanting to overtake and control every facet of our life. That action is a frightening activity, perhaps more so than the virus. There appears to be individuals relishing this new power grab and constantly looking how they can dictate their acceptable behavior to their “subjects.”. So many approaches have proven wrong, more motivated by political ideology than sound science.

Only the vaccine will save you was the original political plea. When the protection waned after six months, let’s take another shot for protection. When that failed, we needed a booster. Now, the fully vaccinated (three shots) are catching the virus. Yes, we are assured if you have shots, your case will be mild. But what about the natural immunity those that caught covid and recovered will have? It’s as if that is not for discussion. Only shots will save the day. The science doesn’t support that idea as a stand alone solution.

Those with a covid political agenda have done a huge disservice to individuals having natural immunity or immunity from having caught covid.

I’ve seen individuals that even move in a frightful manner. They hesitate to get close to another human for fear of the virus entering their body. Yet 100,000 people gather in a football stadium with no mask yelling and screaming for their team and no “super spreader” occurs. This goes totally against the narrative spread in newspaper articles, TV programs, and by power hungry politicians. The answer would be an important health directive.

One point that is most irritating is the constant implication that it’s the unvaccinated that are the villains spreading Covid. This narrative persists even when there is no covid infection in their body. What about the immunity provided after catching Covid? Ignoring this and focusing on the three shot trifecta only serves to raise fears and needlessly accuse innocent individuals of being covid criminals.

Yes, I’m taking up for people who don’t want to inject a quickly tested drug into their bodies. Why can’t they have this fear above fearing having Covid? Every unvaccinated individual is no more a covid spreader that the fully vaccinated individuals that get covid. Science has proven that fact.

Covid politicized has only served to pit one human against another, built fear and distrust between people. And with the instructed isolation of being quarantined anxiety and even depression has led to people taking their own life. Die from Covid or take your own life—neither a good choice.

I’m happy the Covid shots are available. They have certainly saved lives. I’m not judging people that have taken or chosen to not take these shots. It’s their choice and as the abortion proponents are quick to say, my body, my choice. It appears to be fine to terminate the life of an infant but not be able to refuse to take a shot of a drug that has undergone only short-term testing? The most insane power grab has been to terminate healthcare workers, pilots, policemen, teachers, students, and others because of their refusal to take the shots. This is such a disservice to good employees wanting to choose their medical treatment. Would you check into a hospital with the flu and willingly take meds for diabetes? Certainly not! So why not have a similar choice about Covid? With the rapid development of this medication, we have no data on the long-term effects on our body. It’s a legitimate fear that supports not wanting to take the medication.

Don’t accuse  people refusing the shots of “killing” others. And don’t sanctify those taking the shot. Either position is biased and based on conjecture. Instead, pray for both—those taking the shots and those opposed to doing so. In each case, it is their choice and, in America, one of the basic rights we have. Vilifying only alienates and too loose control can escalade to chaos.

We should also pray for our nation and everyone living within its borders. Covid is a real issue but so are a myriad of other issues vastly critical for our long-term survival. Leaders and citizens together must work to make America the most important place to live. Our people are the asset that produces our greatness. And it our people that also can destroy America. Removing fear in every segment of society is a critical step for creating a future filled with success rather than anxiety.