I love being in a leadership role. It provides a challenge, a feeling of being in control and an opportunity to do good for others. I’m a strong believer that Servant Leadership is the ultimate leadership role one can strive to attain and become.

Leadership is a privilege, not one that should be blanketed with pomp and circumstances. One earns the title and cannot demand it. In truth, the latter position is a losing one that repels followship and respect. The privilege can mean you will be the hardest worker on a team. It can mean you will take the heat for any mistakes occurring. But in the end it does mean that if you are successful, the personal satisfaction level you will feel is in the stratosphere.

A strong leader is not afraid to speak truth. It’s the only approach that allows one to make improvements. Living in denial of truth is also living in fear. Open and honest sharing of information coated with a sense of caring for others works. Taking a selfish, self-centered position is a tactic that may work for the short term but it’s a loser long-term. People want their leader to be a source of strength, information and knowledge about the organization and a visionary thinker to guide everyone forward down a successful path.

Tom Brady is a 43 year old NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, He will be playing in his 10th Super Bowl on February 7th. Brady already has six Super Bowl rings. He left the New England Patriots to become a member of a losing professional football team. But he had the vision of what could be, he spoke openly and honestly to his team members and showed the path that the team needed to follow. He is not selfish or self-centered. It just wants to win. His visionary thinking became the stimulus for former losers to transform themselves into potential world champions. Their opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, are last year’s Super Bowl campions. They are led by an outstanding young quarterback and a cast of great players. It will surely be a great football game.

Brady, this ancient warrior, assumed the leadership role that changed the course of the team. He understands the true meaning of leadership and passed on his wisdom and experience to the team. He is a Servant Leader. One man can make a difference and perhaps Brady will be that difference on February 7th.’

Why not watch, no matter who you normally cheer for, and enjoy the cat and mouse strategies both teams will use. Study every element of the contest as a learning opportunity. You’ll be glad you did if growing your leadership skills is an important component of your career growth.